How we can help you
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How we can help you

Read Write Plus provides 1 – 1 tutoring and small group instruction for adults who are over the age of 16, have left school and are New Zealand citizens or have New Zealand residency.


What we do at RWP

We offer literacy and numeracy support for adults who require basic upskilling in reading, writing, spelling, numeracy, report writing, study skills, learner licence instruction, computer skills and any other areas of literacy and numeracy that people require help with. Our tutoring is student centred and based on individual goals and needs. We also offer literacy and numeracy support for adults who may be undertaking tertiary studies and need some assistance with their courses. There is no direct cost to students for any of the services we offer.

How we help students

We help students to improve their literacy and numeracy skills and increase confidence to use these skills in their everyday life.

1-1 tutoring

We provide opportunities for 1 on 1 tutoring with a qualified tutor. The amount of time allocated for tutoring is arranged between the student and the tutor. Generally 1 on 1 tutoring takes place once a week between 1-2 hours per session.

Students are assisted to set goals. Lessons are planned to meet these goals and regular reviews of progress and achievement are held.

The tutoring can continue until the student is confident that their goals have been met.

Group Courses

In response to community needs, small group courses can be provided. 

Learner Licence

This is a regular programme we offer. We run up to 6 courses per year. Each course is held over 6/7 weeks with each session being 2 hours.

The learner licence courses are offered either in the daytime or evening. The courses are always advertised in the local community newspaper. There is no direct cost to the students taking this course.


Students must register for 1:1 or group tuition.  Registration is free.

Please call (04) 528 0286 or use our contact form to make an appointment to register.


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