study skills 

Do you want to become a better learner?

               Have you ever asked, “How can I study better?”


Our study skills course shows you HOW you learn what you learn.  Everyone is different, and we all learn in different ways.

Finding our YOUR own best ways of learning and studying will help you in study, in work, in your family…

Do you like to learn walking around, lying on your bed, talking out loud, with someone else, on your own, to music, in silence, drawing, doodling?

Are you someone who sings out loud, draws diagrams, makes up silly verses, uses many colours in your notes?

Is note-taking just writing words?

How can you read and take in a text as quickly as possible – and remember as much as possible?

All these questions, and many memory tips and tricks, are covered in this course.

Whether you are moving into tertiary study, needing to gain unit standards for an apprenticeship, or simply wanting to increase your learning power in you workplace, this course will help you.


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