Education for Employees

Education for Employees






Employee Literacy Is Your Business

Productivity, Innovation, customer service and competition all mean your employees need the literacy and numeracy skills to lift your business and deal with new work practices and technologies.

Safer Workplace

When employees can read safety signs and understand written policies, you have a safer workplace.

Improves Quality Processes

When employees are confident in their paper work, it improves quality processes and documentation.

Better Qualifications

Enhanced literacy and numeracy skills open the door for employees to get better qualifications and give them the confidence to take on new roles and responsibilities.

Improves Teamwork

Confident employees are more likely to ask for help when they find instructions difficult to understand. That improves teamwork and performance and reduces staff turnover.

Employers, How Can We Help You?

We can develop programmes that are tailored to fit the real and actual needs of your workplace. Because these programmes are directly related to your employees’ daily activities, they are more relevant, effective, easily remembered and readily put to use. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Oral communication skills for improved customer service
  • Writing for work purposes (e-mails, letters, forms, documentation…)
  • Maths for work purposes
  • Computer skills for work purposes
  • Health and Safety processes, policies and paperwork
  • Study skills and study support for workers attempting workplace certificates, qualifications and required progressions.
  • 40 hour programme
  • No cost to employer or employee
  • Small group delivery (2-4)
  • Possible 1:1 delivery (conditions apply)
  • NZ citizens and permanent residents only
  • Suitable for paid staff, casual, part-time, full-time or self employed