Budgeting Skills

A calculator, pen, and financial statement.

Budgeting Skills

– Getting the Most Out of Your Money

Budgeting shouldn’t just be something you do when you’re short of money.
Everyone can benefit from budgeting skills, and it’s not just for people who are having trouble making ends meet!  Making smart choices about how you use your money is really important when you never seem to have enough.
Enrol in one of our workshops to learn about:
  • How to balance what you earn and what you spend
  • Creating a personal budget
  • Tips for budgeting wisely
  • Advice on getting out of debt


There are currently no courses running but don’t let that stop you from asking for information.  If there is enough interest, we may run courses at any time.  Your name will be added to a waiting list and you will be notified when a new course is available.



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